About Us

Friendship, Fun and Fundraising

The St Davids Penknife Club is a local group of dedicated people who do voluntary fundraising for local groups and charities in the St Davids & Solva area. As a Register Charity N° 1187151 everything we raise is donated to a charitable organisation.

So how does it work – if you would like us to help you raise funds please get in touch and tell us all about you and your cause – we have the members who are willing to help and assist you in a fundraising venture – normally, we preferer to work together in a joint venture but where this is not possible, we can help you with this – we would though like your support as we work together to raise funds for you and your cause. Please contact us via; stdavidspenknifeclub@gmail.com

If you would like to support the causes that we raise money and funding for then you can do so by using either of our donation buttons JustGiving or PayPal – you can do this even if you do not have a PayPal account – just go in as a guest –

So please donate here via this link to our JustGiving page🤗

Alternatively you can also donate via PayPal by using the “Donate” button below:

All money donated goes to local causes or other registered charities that we raise funds for.

“Greatness is not what you have but what you can give”!!😊