St Davids Penknife Club

10 September 2021 -Penknife Club Thank you to key workers Evening – Invite Only

10 September 2021 -Penknife Club Thank you to key workers Evening – Invite Only

We are looking to hold a Thank You evening on Friday 10th September 2021 starting at 19.00 hrs in St Davids Rugby Club.  This event is open to all Penknife Club members, their partners and any immediate family and friends that members may wish to invite.

We are hosting a thank you evening for all Penknife Club members and their partners, along with invited local key workers in St Davids Rugby Club: representatives from the following external departments have been invited which are but not limited too:
Doctor’s Surgery St Davids/Solva
Chemist and medicine delivery volunteers
First Responders (emergency services)
Local School staff
CK’s and Local Food Shop staff
Bay Views Store – Cwtch Boxes
Food Bank
Audrey Thomas’ delivery volunteers
Shalom House
Dawn Price and her carer’s
Solva Care
Royal Mail – local postmen
Refuse Collectors
We appreciate there are loads more, so sorry if we have missed you off the invitation list. We have tried to contact everyone involved but if you been a local key worker during the pandemic and you would like to attend or you know someone who should be at this event please just let us know.
We just want to be able to thank those local key workers who have provided direct and indirect support to the local community.
There will be food laid on along with live music from “Brian Mirza”, “We made a Fish” followed by “Mark’s Disco”.
Whilst we are operating under Level 0 for Wales, we would remind people not to attend if they or any member of their household is displaying Covid-19 symptoms or if you have been told to isolate.
Please keep your hands clean, wear a mask if appropriate and maintain social distance. As part of track and trace everyone is asked to book in at the entrance to the Rugby Club.
The patio door will be open for extra ventilation as will the side fire doors and there is external seating for those who do but feel comfortable mixing with others indoors.
At the end of the day whilst we want to thank everyone, we also want to keep everyone safe. NB every person attending has a responsibility to do their bit.

As mentioned, e are looking to provide food and live music entertainment from Brian Mirza, the band We Made a Fish. follow by Marks Disco  – Could members please inform either Roger Scofield or Greg Clift if they are attending along with the number of guests, so that the correct amount of food can be ordered.